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We, Dubey Law Associates LLP, being the trusted legal partner in navigating the dynamic and evolving field of infrastructure and energy law. Our firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients involved in infrastructure development, energy projects, and related transactions. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver pragmatic solutions and ensure the success of projects in the infrastructure and energy sectors. 

Our team of experienced Lawyers specializes in providing expert legal services related to infrastructure projects, energy, and electricity regulations. With a strong focus on compliance, project development, and sustainable energy practices, we are committed to delivering exceptional legal solutions. 

Why Choose Dubey Law Associates LLP?

  • Industry Expertise: Our Lawyers possess deep knowledge and experience in infrastructure and energy law, enabling us to provide clients with strategic advice and effective solutions to address their legal and business challenges.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize our clients’ interests and objectives, offering personalized attention, responsive communication, and practical guidance to achieve optimal results in infrastructure and energy projects.
  • Collaborative Partnership: We view our client relationships as partnerships, fostering open communication, trust, and collaboration to deliver value-added services and ensure the success of projects in the infrastructure and energy sectors.
  • Commitment to Excellence: We are committed to delivering exceptional service and value to our clients through professionalism, integrity, and dedication to achieving their goals in infrastructure and energy projects.

Our Services

We as a team of experienced and competent legal professionals provide the following services to our potential clients;

  • Project Development: Our experienced Lawyers assist clients in all stages of infrastructure and energy project development, from site acquisition and permitting to financing, construction, and operation, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Our team assists in project development: Infrastructure Projects: Legal support for roads, railways, airports, and other critical infrastructure. Power Plants: Advising on legal aspects of power plant development. Energy Contracts: Drafting and negotiating contracts for energy projects.
  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP): We advise public-sector entities, private developers, and investors on structuring and negotiating PPP agreements for infrastructure projects, including transportation, utilities, social infrastructure, and renewable energy initiatives.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We help clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape governing infrastructure and energy projects, including environmental regulations, land use planning, zoning laws, and permitting requirements at the local, state, and federal levels.
  • Project Finance: Our firm provides counsel to borrowers, lenders, and investors in structuring and negotiating project finance transactions for infrastructure and energy projects, including debt and equity financing, syndicated loans, and project bonds.
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainability: We offer guidance on renewable energy projects, including solar, wind, hydroelectric, and biomass projects, assisting clients in navigating regulatory incentives, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and renewable energy certificates (RECs).
  • Dispute Resolution: In the event of disputes arising from infrastructure and energy projects, our skilled litigators offer strategic representation in mediation, arbitration, and litigation proceedings to protect our clients’ interests and resolve conflicts efficiently.
  • The Electricity Act, 2003 is the cornerstone of India’s electricity sector. Our practice covers various aspects under this Act: Generation, Transmission, and Distribution: Advising on legal matters related to electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. Trading and Use of Electricity: Ensuring compliance with regulations governing electricity trading and consumption. Tariff Rationalization: Assisting clients in understanding and navigating electricity tariff structures. Consumer Protection: Safeguarding the interests of electricity consumers.

  • Energy Regulatory Compliance : We guide clients through the complex regulatory landscape: Central and State Regulatory Commissions: Representing clients before these bodies. Renewable Energy: Advising on policies and incentives for renewable energy projects. Energy Efficiency: Promoting efficient energy use and compliance with energy conservation norms.

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