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India is the world’s largest democracy. It is our democratic right to vote and it is also much neglected democratic right to contest in the election. India is a county of young, educated, ambitious and talented individuals.  The talent should come out and participate in various Elections, challenge the unfair elections, false propagandas of the dynastic political parties. Leadership should not be handed over in the hands of some less competent individuals but to participate in it actively and contribute towards the nation’s development. Non-participation of the right talent in the election franchise is the biggest hurdle to the nation’s growth and development as the crucial decision making could make the country grow exponentially.

Our Services

We as a team of experienced and competent legal professionals provide the following services to our potential clients;;

  • We advise and assist the group of individual in the formation of the Political Party, its name selection, its constitution framing and drafting, its rules and regulation drafting and help in the registration of that Political Party before Election Commission of India. 
  • Furnishing the legal advice to the political parties, politicians on various legal issues and helping the Political Parties in the allotment of Election Symbols,  
  • Assist in filing objections and representing before Election Commission of India in various legal issues. 
  • Advising and assisting on the legal issues such as Anti-Defection Law,  disqualifications of members, challenging of Governor’s Speakers Decision before Court etc.
  • Advising and assisting in the various Election Petitions, Public Interest Litigations  before High Court and Supreme Court of India. 
  • Advising various political parties/NGOs/Independent bodies on the Election Laws, Electoral Reforms and on legal strategies. 
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