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Agreements & Contracts are everywhere. Carefully drafted contract could do wonder while a simple sentence or a clause could be disastrous to the party to the contact and therefore the agreements & contracts should be drafted with utmost care and with clear vision, terms, understanding the situation, with Legal Research and Foresight and after a through negotiation, if required. An ambiguous contracts leads to the complex litigations, and could destroy the objective as well as the business itself.while the clearly defined contract with inclusion of the pre-defined dispute resolution mechanism could do wonder. Implementation of the Pre-Litigation Mediation and Pre-Arbitration Mediation could resolve the disputes, if any swiftly. Pre-Determination of the Jurisdiction, Seat, Venue, governing laws, appointment of Arbitrator or Mediator etc could save the the litigants from hectic and tiring legations. 

       The contract drafting, negotiation, vetting, renewal, novation, breach or litigation should be handled very carefully as the mismanagement of it could result into huge losses. Our Lawyers are efficient and trustworthy in that.       

Our Services

We as a team of experienced and competent legal professionals provide the following services to our potential clients;

  • We understand the requirement of the client and study the nature of the business and the environment and advise our according to the best interest of the client.
  • We advise and draft the high value commercial contracts, prepare the Negotiation Strategies through the Legal research and Legal Foresight, keeping in the he practical difficulties and implement the various dispute resolution mechanism, trade secret and data protection mechanism etc.    
  • Advising, Drafting, Reviewing, Negotiation, Novation, release, stamping, registration and renewal of the various agreements and contracts and preparing the litigation strategies  on the breach of such or any contracts.  
  • Drafting of the various High Value and commercial and general agreements for various industries including, Consultancy agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA), Non-Compete Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding(MOU), Letter of intent, Letter of Guarantee, Letter of Comfort , Memorandum of association(MOA), Articles of Association(AOA), Share Purchase Agreement(SPA), Share Subscription Agreement(SSA), Asset Purchase Agreement, Share Transfer Agreement, Transfer of Undertaking Agreement, Subscription Agreement, Business Transfer Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement(JVA), Advisory Agreement, Franchise Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Sponsorship Agreement, Collaboration Agreement, LLP & Partnership Agreement, Co-Founders Agreement, Contract For Employment & Contract of Employment, Financial Collaboration Agreement, Research and Development Agreement, Exclusive Reseller Agreement etc
  • We advise and draft general agreements & deeds including Agreement to Sale, Agreement to Hire Purchase, WILLs(drafting, Registration & Revocation), Gift Deed, Sale Deed of immovable Property, Rent Agreements, Corporate Lease and Company Lease Agreements, License Agreement, Joint Development Agreement, Mortgage Deed, Trust Deed,  General Power of Attorney( GPA), Construction Agreement, Partition Deed , Family Arrangement Agreement, Partnership Deed etc
  • We helps our client in various IPR, Banking, Media and Technology etc related Agreements and contracts including New Inventions Agreements, Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements (Trademark Assignment, Copyright Assignment etc), Music License Agreement, Content License Agreement, Artists Agreement, Celebrity Endorsement Agreement, Sports Agreements (Franchise Agreements, Players Agreements, Event Sponsorship Agreements), Broadcasting Agreements, Media Rights Agreements, Audio Visual Streaming Agreement, Trademark License Agreement, Character Merchandising Agreement, Content Development Agreement, Commission Agreement, Co-Production Agreement, Music Distribution Agreement, Software Development Agreement, Software License Agreement, SAAS Agreement, End User License Agreement(EULA), E-Commerce Contracts, Terms of Use, Terms of Service of E-Commerce website, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy,Returns and Refund policy, Technology Transfer Agreements, Public-Private Partnership(PPP), Loan Agreement, Loan Settlement Agreement, Syndicate Loan Agreement, Share Pledge Agreement, Corporate Guarantee, Promoters Guarantee Agreement etc

  • We advise and assist in the valuation of the damages in case of breach of the contract and assist them in Pre-Litigation Negotiation, Mediation or Arbitration. We also assist them in formation of various litigation strategies and litigate on behalf of them before various court and tribunals.  
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