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AntiTrust or Competition Law is there to keep checks on abuse and dominance. Dominant Positions or Monopolies are bed for competition and a heathy competition is the basic necessity for the economic development. Killing competition by the market giants by adopting various anti competitive strategies are continuously being monitored by CCI. Anti-Competitive agreement amongst the  cartel, big companies are bad and illegal. Covid-19 pandemic has affected the small entities a lot and the bigger entities has grown up exponentially and therefore the role of market watchdog is more crucial to maintain the heathy competition in the market at every level. 

MNCs, Foreign Entities or large entities with their fat wallets are the potential threat. Various combinations, formed with intention to acquire market dominance must pass through the strict scrutiny. A simple contract which possess the anti competitive clause could result into the huge loss and therefore these aspects of the Competition Law should be dealt with timely and with appropriate legal expertise. 

Our Services

 We as the team of experienced and competent legal professionals provide the following services to our potential clients;

  • Advise organisation, large and small entities, foreign entities, combinations etc on the various competition law issues like Competition compliance, abuse of Dominance, Anti-competitive agreements etc.
  • Review and advise on the various agreement for the organisations to identifying the monopolistic, dominance  and anti-competitive clauses within the agreements.   
  • Revive and advice on the non-compete clauses and agreements in the light of Competition Act and precedents.  
  • Preparation and filing information on behalf of potential clients before the Competition Commission of India in the matter of abuse of dominance, anti competitive combinations etc.
  • Advising, preparation, Draft and  filing appeal in appellate  proceedings before National Company Law Appellate tribunal (NCLAT) and Representing clients before CCI, NCLAT.
  • Advising, drafting and filing the SLPs before the Supreme Court of India against the Interim Order and Final Judgment and order of the  NCLAT on the various legal issues.  
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