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Criminal Prosecution is severe and Every Individual has a right to represent before court of law and should be defended by the advocate of their choice without any discretion. Our efficient & experienced team assist in prosecution and defence in the various Criminal Matters including corporate criminal issues. Helping from in lodging the FIR to Criminal Trial, Bails, Appeal our team represent our potential clients on the vast area of criminal issues. We help our clients in the matters of illegal harassments by the authorities like Police, CBI, ED, SFIO, CBCID etc.  Defence in the Covid-19 pandemic is more crucial as the limited functionally is  the biggest hurdle to the justice and therefore we always put our best efforts in the matters Regular and Anticipatory Bail, Quashing of FIR.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the digitalisation has become the necessity and therefore the cyber crime has grown up exponentially. Cyber Crimes should not be ignored as the cyber criminals are becoming the potential threat now a days and therefore a proper cyber complaint should be filed before appropriate authorities. 

Our Services

We as a team of experienced and competent legal professionals provide the following services to our potential clients;

  • Helping our client in lodging the FIR, filing complaint before Magistrate u/s !56(3) CrPC on refusal to lodge the FIR, helping in Zero FIR. 
  • Assisting our clients in recording statement u/s 161 CrPC and 164 CrPC and helping them in Protest Petition, Witness Protection and Whistleblower Protection etc.
  • Advising and Assisting our clients before various prosecution authorities like Police, CBI, ED, SFIO, SEBI etc. in various Criminal Investigations. 
  • Advising and representing our clients in the matter of Anticipatory Bails, Regular Bail, Arrest Stay, Exemption from Surrendering, Police Protection, Passport Release etc.
  • Advise and represent in Criminal Revision, S. 482 Cr.PC Quashing of FIR proceedings, Writs of Habeas Corpus and other writ and proceedings in criminal matters.
  • Advising and representing our client in various Criminal Trials before the Magistrate, Sessions Court, CBI Court, ED, SEBI, SFIO etc 
  • Criminal Transfer Petitions between States u/s 406 CrPC before Supreme Court of India, within State u/s 407 CrPC before High Court and within district u/s 408 CrPC before Sessions Court.
  • Representing our clients in Criminal Appeals, Reviews Petitions before High Court and in SLPs in Criminal Matters, Criminal Appeal and Review Petitions before Supreme Court of India
  • Advising and representing our client in Contempt Petitions before High Court and before Supreme Court of India.
  • Advising and representing before Magistrate our clients in Cheque Bounce (S.138 N. I. Act) matters and Drafting Notices and defending our Clients in S.138 N. I. Act matters. Further filing Revision and Appeals in these matters. 
  • Advising, representing  and assisting our clients in Examination-in-Chief, Cross Examination, S.313 Statement of Accused and preparing Written Arguments, doing Misc. and Final Arguments in Criminal Trials. 
  • Prosecuting and defending our clients in Criminal Defamation Trial, Revision and Appeal  u/s 499, 500 IPC. Further helping in Defamation Notices, Apologies etc.
  • Advising and defending our client in Criminal Trial in the Criminal offences like Murder, Attempt to Murder, Kidnapping, Rape, Cheating, Fraud, Theft, Sedition, Conspiracy, Abatement etc.
  • Advising and representing our clients in NDPS Matters, Juvenile Justice Matters, Money Laundering Matters, Economic Offences such as Insider Trading, Corporate Frauds, White Collar Crimes, FEMA issues, Cyber Crimes such as Cyber Fraud, Cyber Complaint, Cyber Stacking, Pornography, Crypto Currency frauds etc.  
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